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Enamel-insulated wire Machinery

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  • Color : Gray
  • Connector Type : HDMI
  • Packing : Slide Card Blister
  • Shielding : Combination
  • Style : Gender
  • Type : Full Set,Optical Fiber

Key Features

Enamelled wire is produced using almost solvent-free fusible resins. Molten resin is pumped from a supply reservoir against the direction of movement of the wire with part of the resin coating the wire. The raw wire is preheated to a temperature near the melting temperature of the molten resin. Excess resin is returned to the supply reservoir after the resin coating the wire has been calibrated to a predetermined circumferential dimension. The resin coating the wire is then hardened. The coating apparatus includes a raw wire guide, a demineralized water bath, an annealing furnace having a protective steam atmostphere, a cooling water bath, a wire preheater, an enameling stove, a heated resin reservoir, a resin applicator and a winding-on machine. The resin coating is applied under closed system conditions, thereby substantially reducing emissions.

Fine Wire Enamelling Machines are designed for all conventional enamels, enamelling the wire in a horizontal oven tube. The compact clear modular design of the machine, with constant curing conditions, allows the economic production of high quality enamelled wires. Due to the modular design the machine can be adapted to all production requirements.

This machine automatically strips the enamel insulation layer and other coatings from copper winding wire, using a pair of rotating wire brushes. This stripping method is ideal for square and rectangular winding wires.

The wire itself is most often fully annealed, electrolytically refined copper. Aluminium magnet wire is sometimes used for large transformers and motors. The insulation is typically made of tough polymer film materials rather than enamel, as the name might suggest.

For ease of manufacturing, some low-temperature-grade magnet wire has insulation that can be removed by the heat of soldering. This means that electrical connections at the ends can be made without stripping off the insulation first.

The trend in modern generators is to operate at higher temperatures and higher electrical conductivities with oxygen-free copper for field bars and magnetic wire in place of formerly used deoxidized copper.[2]

Last Update : 2018-05-24
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